Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Jane, Bonnie, Samuel, Jesse and I would like to wish everyone the best for the coming Christmas and the new Year. Today we had another 4 inches of Snow followed by a cold - 17 C Temperature. 
We went and took our yearly family photo. 
This will be our 6th Christmas here in the USA. Who would have thought this when we first got the news that we won a place in the Diversity Lottery. Anyway the last five years passed so quickly it is hard to believe. So to all a merry  Christmas and a happy new Year
From the Schrag's

From left to right
Samuel ( 10)
Jesse ( 8)
Bonnie ( 12)

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diane said...

Gosh it doesn't seem 6 years since you went to USA. I guess you must like it to be still there. The children are beautiful and you must be very proud of them. I guess they are little Americans by now. Jesse was only a baby when we saw you last in Hamilton.You must be living a very different life to when you were here. Snow!